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Hill Country Galleria–Business is on the rise and retail space is at 96% occupancy

After 2 1/2 years, the Hill Country Galleria is on the rise and is almost to full occupancy.  The galleria has come a long way since 2010 when it was only at 60% occupancy.  Since being purchased out of bankruptcy in 2010, The Hill Country Galleria has steadily gained momentum in both sales and occupancy.   The amount of sales tax that is produced by the galleria has increased each year.  In 2011 the amount of sales tax that was generated by the shopping center was 1.63 million dollars.  Whole Foods (35,000 square-feet) has added a significant amount of business to the Mall since its opening on June 19th, 2012.   Some shoppers have even stated that the retail shops have a European flare to them.  Retail store owners were interviewed and overall are pleased with the increase in amount of business this year.

Future Plans: There are plans to add additional office facilities.  Plans are currently going through the city for final approval.  The owners are also interested in adding additional entrances to the mall, one of the entrances would allow patrons to enter the galleria off of RR 620.

The Hill Country Galleria  encourages community interaction and frequently hosts events for the public.  Take a look at their outdoor music schedule every Saturday 7-9PM!

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Information courtesy of Community Impact Newspaper


Expanding Living Quarters to the Outdoors

Outdoor Living spaces have become just as essential as the interior rooms in a house.  Particularly in Austin where there are over 300 sunny days, enjoying time outside is part of our lifestyle and can become more than a just a place to BBQ or swim.

In this article Forbes has compiled a gallery of homes that have done some unique features with the exterior spaces of a home Homes Sporting the Most Outrageous Outdoor Amenities.   Some of them include having a lazy river in your pool area to installing fireplaces and T.V.s outside.  The Britannia Manor II, located here in Austin, home of video game developer Richard Garriott  added a telescope-bedecked rooftop observatory, an outdoor track with lighting as well as a water slide that begins at the second floor of the home.

Luxury homes’ transition from the inside to the outside are becoming seamless.  With the amount of detail that is being put into outdoor living spaces, you can fully entertain outdoors with all the needed amenities.  Masters Touch Custom Homes has created many inviting outdoor living spaces that capture relaxation, comfort, quality as well as a design that capitalizes on the property’s views.

Masters Touch Custom Homes Outdoor Living Spaces 

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