Lakeway Regional Medical Center to open Spring 2010. How will it impact you?

Lakeway Regional Medical Center to open Spring 2010.  How will it impact you?

Lakeway, TX – As two huge cranes loom above the Lakeway skyline, excitement is growing in anticipation of the new Lakeway Regional Medical Center. Scheduled to open in Spring of 2012, the Lakeway Regional Medical Center will have a huge economic and lifestyle impact in Lakeway and the surrounding communities. The new medical center is expected to cost $211 Million and will be the largest single employer in western Travis County. According to managing director Dan Brouillette, the hospital will be built in three phases. Phase one will host 177 beds. Phase 2 will raise the bed count to 250 and eventually the hospital will reach a total of 400 beds. There will be two hundred thousand square feet of medical office space and sixty-three thousand square foot of office/retail. Restaurants and a possible hotel are expected in the future.

The local residential and commercial real estate markets will experience what has been described as a “tidal wave” of activity as 1300-1500 newly hired highly paid professionals seek places to live and shop. “This is huge for all aspects of our local real estate market, from rentals to high-end luxury homes to commercial” explains Kenn Renner of Keller Williams Lake Travis Market Center. “We look forward to welcoming and accommodating all of our new incoming residents to our great Lake Travis lifestyle. The medical center is an economic breath of fresh air to an otherwise sluggish real estate market,” Kenn explains. “We are dedicated to keeping our community informed on the progress of the hospital and the surrounding area impact with regular forums and updates. Our first forum will be held Monday, November 15th at the Keller Williams Lake Travis Market Center at 6 P.M. and anyone who wants to know about the medical center is invited.” The forum will cover the details of the medical center as well as the impact on the housing market. After the forum there will be a bonus presentation with fitness expert Brian Kenney from Lynchburg, VA who will be speaking on the topic of: “How to Lose Weight In Half The Time, Extreme Energy & Better Sleep Through Proper Exercise”

Lakeway Regional Medical Center update (http://www.LakewayMedicalCenterUpdate.Com) presented by Kenn Renner will be held at the Keller Williams Lake Travis Market Center, 1901 Lohmans Crossing, Lakeway, 78734 on Monday, November 15th from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. Bonus Fitness Workshop will presented by Brian Kenney. For more information contact Kenn Renner at 512-423-5626

Link to YouTube for a video tutorial with Mr. Renner.

Click here for more information and photos of the new medical center

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Rough Hollow Parade of homes Best of Show 2010

Master’s Touch Custom Homes Wins

57th Annual Parade of Homes Best of Show

Builder Also Wins Awards for Best Kitchen, Best Architectural Design, Best Study and Best Media Room

LAKEWAY, Texas – October 25, 2010 – Master’s Touch Custom Homes recently won five awards, including the prestigious Best of Show award, at the 57th Annual Parade of Homes held at Rough Hollow in Lakeway.

“We are honored to have won five awards at this premier builders showcase,” said Michael Gotcher, President of Master’s Touch Custom Homes. “We were very excited to receive the best of show award for the top overall home design in the contest.”

Master’s Touch Custom Homes took the award for the construction of a 5,500-square-foot estate residence at 305 Bisset Court.

“We are redesigning custom home designs in the Texas Hill Country,” Gotcher said. “We are combining elements of French, Italian and Spanish architecture to create a brand new design that is beyond ‘Texas Tuscan’.”

Featuring gorgeous views of Lake Travis, the four-bedroom home features a quaint English garden courtyard, European groin vaulted ceilings, a custom iron door entry, a custom onyx waterfall in the powder bath and even a fireplace hand carved from quarried Cantera stone.

“We took upscale luxury to a new level in our award winning home,” Gotcher said. “We are excited about the awards and look forward to creating more deluxe estate custom built homes across the Texas Hill Country.”

Master’s Touch Custom Homes specializes in the design and construction of new custom homes priced from $400,000 to $4 million. They also specialize in custom home remodels starting at $100,000.

For more information about Master’s Touch Custom Homes, please call 512-919-4131 or check out their website at www.


Media Contact:

Matthew Bailey

Vice President

Master’s Touch Custom Homes

Phone: 512-919-4131

Window ,Door, and through wall pipe Flashing standards.

Waterproof flashing in general ( Meaning Door/Window and Pipe Flashing) is probably the most missed part of a contractors check list, or most overlooked item on the job-site. Unfortunately for homeowners they will not be aware of this breakdown until they move into their new home.

I’m going to briefly talk about window, door and Pipe Flashing and some common areas-soon to be homeowners could look for to make sure their homes are protected.

Window flashing is the largest area of a home where water could leak into a home. The highest leak potential is where the flange of the window is nailed onto the home. To install a window correctly in a new home under construction starts with three critical steps. First the exterior walls should have a waterproof membrane installed and wrap the membrane  into each window hole.

Steps to proper flashing for windows and doors.

Second you will install the window into the hole. You will need to apply  silicone caulking to the back of the window flange before nailing. Once the window is nailed off you will need to install a drip cap on top of the window.

After the cap is installed you will  need to install the self adhesive window flashing. Many companies manufacture this product such as Dupont, Weather tite and more. You will start by installing the two sides of your window. Once this is done the next step is to install the top flashing. You want to make sure the top piece of flashing covers the two side pieces as well as the drip cap flange.

These same practices can be used for most exterior door applications as well. The system will need to be modified slightly depending on the door manufacture.

Through the wall pipe flashing is very critical. There is one manufacture that makes plastic flanges that can be installed over every penetration in the wall. This company is called Quick Flashing. I have attached a picture for you to view. This company makes a great product; however there are less expensive and less complicated ways to flash all penetrations in a exterior wall.

Another way to achieve the same protection without the expense or hassle of ordering the hundreds of different types of flashing is very similar to the process for the doors and windows. You can use the 6″ self adhesive flashing and apply this tape around all the penetrations. You want to make sure you do this after your first layer of waterproof membrane has been installed. This will give you better adhesion. You can use this flashing for all the pipe and electrical outlets that have been cut into the wall.

Job Site Construction Waste Recycling

Unfortunately as a homebuilder we are tasked with using countless natural resources to build our homes. This has put a large strain on our environment from raw material production to landfill waste disposal.

As a custom home builder we create over 70 yards of lumber debris, 10 yards of stucco and rock debris, 5 yards of cardboard debris, 25 yards of drywall debris, 2 yards of roofing tile and misc nail/ metal debris. These areas listed above account for 85% of the total waste to build one home that is 5000 square feet. All of which was previously sent to our local landfill.

The City of Austin estimates that 10 – 30% of the landfill debris is generated from new construction or remodeling of homes. If each builder implemented Waste Recycling we could reduce the our landfill as much as 30%.

Construction Waste Recycling consists of three separate functions to maximize overall recycling efforts. As a builder we are responsible for making sure our vendors know how the debris is to be separated. On each job site there will be a 10 yard metal bin that is used for all material that can’t be recycled. This would primarily include plastics and lunch debris. In front of the home there would be individual piles of rock/stucco, drywall, lumber, and roofing tiles. Local Recycling contractors would bring a large grinder to the jobsite and chip/crush all the construction debris.

Jobsite waste recycling

Construction Waste Recycling

Once the material is ground each group of shavings can be used for different things. For instance the lumber is chipped to meet erosion control measure for undeveloped lots. The bark chippings can also be used in flower beds. The Gypsum powder is mixed into the clay top soils to enrich the soil and provide great drainage.

In Theory most of the debris that is generated from each home can be recycled right into the land it came from.

Build a Faux Stone Range Hood to look like Solid Stone.

One thing Austin Texas is blessed with is the abundance of stone. There are many importers of Cantera Stone as well as an abundance of quarried stone. Using natural stone however is not always the most economical solution to building a custom range hood over your stove.

Cantera Solid Stone Range Hood

Cantera Solid Stone Range Hood

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Overcoming Impervious Coverage problems in the City of Austin , using Eco Creto Concrete

Facing some hard zoning challenges in the the Village of Volente and the City of Austin, we turned to a local engineering company in Round Rock to help us come up with some alternatives to the cities new impervious cover requirements.

Pervious Concrete used by Masters Touch Custom Homes

Pervious Concrete used by Masters Touch Custom Homes

Masters Touch Custom Homes was faced with what seemed to be zoning requirements that were to strict for our already approved lots. We owned 4 lots in the Village of Volente, three were vacant and one we built on right after closing. During the Build process of home #1 we were told by the city officals that the Village has just adopted new zoning requirements. They told us that we had to follow the 20% impervious cover guidlines. ( Needless to say our lot was only 7200 sq ft and they were now only going to allow us to cover with Pervious materials 1440 sq ft)

Our new engineering firm proposed using a concrete that was pervious. Their proposal stated that if we can use this concrete in-lieu of standard concrete we would not have to count the square footage of the driveway against us.

Eco Creto was developed in Mexico to allow their streets to act as a network of underground drains.

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Post Tension Foundation Systems

Concrete slab that can be lifted

Concrete slab that can be lifted

Masters Touch Custom Homes was one of the first Custom Home builders in Austin, Tx to use a state of the art foundation system that was designed for expansive clay soil or unpacked fill. This system was designed by Childress Engineering based out of Richardson Tx. They coined this system Slab Tek.      See link

Slab Tek is a scientific system that was built like many suspension bridges across the States. CES developed this system to be used for residential foundation systems in the Richardson, Dallas and Austin Texas Areas.

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