Lakeway Computer Support Michael Nelson

Back in February 2015 I contact Michael Nelson Lakeway Computer support to purchase and install a large plotter for us. The day I called Michael he showed up at our office front door in Lake Travis.

I proceeded to hand Michael a check for $2000.00 to purchase then install the new plotter at our office.

After several weeks I emailed Michael to find out what happened to our plotter. He would give me excuses like I ordered the plotter and a defective one came in. Then weeks would pass and he would tell me next week. His last excuse he sent before never returning any more emails or calls was

Michael Nelson <>

Mar 9
to Michael


I just wanted to update all of you who have had trouble getting hold of me recently.  There have been significant changes in my life of late, and unfortunately it is affecting some of you.

I have a severely sprained ankle (it’s in a walking boot) and a broken elbow.  It was a stupid accident that happened while walking my dog, it will heal in time.  However, My wife and I of 20 years have taken a trial separation, and moved all of our things into storage while we get our lives sorted out.

For those of you expecting parts and/or equipment from me, please rest assured they will be coming.  I am very sorry that my personal life is affecting my professional at this point, and I will be sorting everything out as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.  Once again, my apologies.


Michael R. Nelson

Lakeway Computer Support


Here is Michael Nelson Linked in Page


Needless to say Michael stole our $2000.00 never to call back again. Michael  recently took a job at Jaspers bid dog bar in Lakeway Tx

Here is my letter to file a civil case against Micheal Nelson

Defendant: Michael Nelson, Lakeway Computer Support

Date: 4-9-15

Date of Incident:  2-3-15

To Whom It May Concern,

We wrote his company, Lakeway Computer Support, LLC, a check on February 3, 2015 for $2000 that has in the memo field “purchase of plotter.”  The check cleared the bank on the February 4th with Michael Nelson signing it with his personal signature and then “dba” with his company name.

Initially Michael told  me he found a refurbished plotter and would install the plotter and provide the new plotter for $2000.00. We paid Michael in full for this equipment and work.

As weeks passed we tried numerous times to reach Michael by phone. We were never able to reach him by phone. We then started sending emails ( see attached ) asking when the plotter would be installed. He ignored most of the emails, however did respond a few times. One response was stating that he and his wife were having marriage trouble and he was sorry for delays this may have caused. We also received an email stating he would install the plotter in Mid March. Of course Mid March came and went with no more communication from Michael Nelson.

We mailed two certified letters on March 12, 2015; one to his business address of 1200 Lakeway Drive, Suite 18B, Lakeway, 78734, and one to his home at 107 Oakbluff Cove, Lakeway 78734.  The one to his home came back at not being able to be delivered.  The one to his business was signed by a Avery Bonora. We gave him until March 31, 2015 in the certified letter to get in contact with Matt to make arrangements to get this plotter or return the money.  He told Matt that he was going to install the plotter the week of March 16th, but of course, that week came and went and we never heard from him or saw him.

We have requested several times for our plotter to be installed or to be repaid. Michael fails to follow through with communication about payment or status. We therefore wish to have our case heard.

On July 26th we received a judgment against Micheal Nelson in the amount of $2000.00 plus court cost. This was awarded through Travis County civil court in Austin Tx.

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